A Beautiful Winter Day In Inverness

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Caledonian Canal In InvernessWhat a beautiful winter day in Inverness it is today with clear blue sky and the sun shining brightly. We’ve been especially lucky this year with reasonably mild temperatures and very little snow. Whilst our friends and family tell us of the 15cm of snow that has just fallen in England up here in Inverness we’re basking in almost spring like sunshine.

To take advantage of such a lovely day I decided to take our dog, Branston, for a nice long walk along the Caledonian Canal along to Dochgarroch. Despite feeling quite mild Caledonian Canal In Invernessthere was a bit of ice along the footpath and parts of the canal were also frozen which created a great effect as you could see ripples in one side of the water and stillness in the other. A lone rower was out on the canal getting a bit of practice for the rowing season ahead.

There has been a lot of trimming back of the foliage along the canal and the river which now enhances the stunning view as you can now see much more of the riverside from the elevated canal footpath. It was never easy to see before but now you can see a number of houses along River Ness all with a lot of land and of course the incredible vista of the river and mountains in the distance.River Ness Inverness

As ever there were other people walking either on their own or with their dogs, people running no doubt in training for the forthcoming Inverness Half Marathon and the Loch Ness Marathon and a handful of fisherman in the river fly fishing. Surprisingly since there has been some rain in the past couple of days the River Ness was flowing extremely slowly.

On days like today we are reminded how lucky we are to live in a location with such amazing places just minutes from wherever you are in Inverness. With some great bargains on flights with Easyjet it

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