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Where To Stay In The Highlands Of Scotland

Many visitors to the United Kingdom only see a small number of places – London, Stratford on Avon, maybe Stonehenge. But if they were to travel north they would see the magnificent scenery of the Scottish highlands. The Highlands basically begin once you go north of Glasgow. Fort William is one of the main Highlands town, full of amateur mountaineers. But get outside the towns – none of which are very big – and you can spend all day barely seeing a soul. Go to the west coast for beautiful unspoilt white sandy beaches, or even take a boat to one of the islands – for example the Hebrides, or Skye. Each one has a character of its own, from gentle Isla to its more rugged neighbor Jura.

Hotels are easily found and most of them are family-run affairs. You will not find many of the big chains outside the cities. This means that the quality can be variable and the owners idiosyncratic, but the Scottish tourist board runs a rating system that ensures that you can be reasonably sure of what you are going to get.

But for a more personal experience, try a bed and breakfast. These are usually rooms in private homes, run by people wanting to make a little extra cash. You are likely to be staying in their spare room, and to have breakfast in their own front room. Generally the owners are friendly and will be happy to give you tips on the local area, and they are usually considerably cheaper than hotels. However, you will be expected to vacate the room during the day – “bed and breakfast” means what it says. The breakfast is likely to be hearty, possibly involving Highland kippers (smoked herrings), porridge, toast and sausages. Bed and breakfast in the highlands of Scotland is always an adventure!

The capital of the Highlands of Scotland is Inverness and you can generally expect to find a more professionally run Inverness B&B. For a great choice of B&B accommodation visit the Inverness Best B&Bs website at

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