Travel In The Highlands Of Scotland

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Travel In The Scottish Highlands

Are you an adventure traveller? Then you would definitely enjoy a travel in the highlands of Scotland. This happens to be that unique backdrop for any adventure travel. It does not matter the area of Scottish Highlands you are in, you would surely find ragged mountains to ski, climb or hike. The topography of Scotland is known to have been split by a splash in the earth. This geographical fault is known as the Highland Boundary Fault. The Scottish Highlands is made up of the mountainous north and west areas of the Highland Boundary Fault.

If you are among those who are planning an adventure travel in the highlands of Scotland, then you do not have to miss this region because that is where all the action is. If your initial plan is to visit Glasgow or Edinburgh which are found in the region below the Highland Boundary Fault, you can take an approximate three hour drive to get to any portion of the Highlands. You would be glad you did because there are several inspiring sights to behold from this region. How would you feel to witness gradual turning, of the pre-dawn mist over the mountains, into yellow?

Another sight that you are sure to behold when you travel in the highlands of Scotland is witnessing first hand, the flaring of the mist and clouds into gold at the peak of the sun over the mountaintops. The intensity of it is such that it is likened to the

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